The Team

  • Dennis Hsii, MBA
    Dennis Hsii, MBAPartner

    Dennis is co-founder of Highland Premiere and owner of Playa Vista Premiere Real Estate Group.  He works with buyers, sellers and investors in real estate transactions spanning various price ranges and property types.   He brings tremendous energy, knowledge and expertise to his clients.

    Dennis graduated from Pepperdine University with a Masters in Business Adminstration with a Certificate in Dispute Resolution from the leading Straus Institute.  His experience in negotiations and conflict management helps his clients achieve the best possible results during their transactions.

  • Vivian Yoon
    Vivian YoonPartner

    As principal broker and co-founder of Highland Premiere, Vivian brings to her clients a broad range of international experience in luxury residential sales, arts management and international relocation services. With her team of full-service real estate experts, Vivian assists domestic and international clients in purchasing properties in the greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco Bay Area. Vivian has serviced clients from all over the world– including countries like Dubai, The Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and mainland China.

  • June Quan, Esq.
    June Quan, Esq.Agent

    As a native San Franciscan and now a resident of Los Angeles, June Quan is a real estate agent with in-depth knowledge and experience in the luxury markets of both the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. Prior to joining Highland Premiere, June practiced law full time as a transactional and litigation attorney in areas including entertainment, contracts, intellectual property, and employment matters. With her exceptional negotiation skills, eye for detail, and focus on protecting her clients’ interests, June places a premium on customer service to ultimately match her clients with the most sought-after homes in today’s real estate market.

Friends of

Playa Vista School

Playa Vista Premiere is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of Friends of Playa Vista School. A percentage from each of our sales is donated to Friends of Playa Vista School!  We are committed to supporting the children at Playa Vista Elementary School with library aide, music teachers, teacher’s aides, classroom supplies, technology equipment and license and so much more!



我来自中国北京。这些年家里一直都想移民美国,加上孩子也慢慢长大了,为了他能够接受更优质的教育,我和老公决定在美国购买一套合适的房子。到合适的时候移民。通过朋友的推荐,我们找到了海兰德房地产公司。Vivian非常的热情,了解到了我们的需求后,她马上给我们提供了几套价格,地理位置,户型都合适的房产信息。为了更好地沟通,她专程从美国飞到北京与我们见面。在几天的合作沟通后,我们敲定了最终的选择。一切都进行得非常顺利。因为Vivian 的助理Tina 是中国人,有了她的帮助,我们完全没有语言障碍。Vivian还帮助了我儿子找到了一所非常优秀的高中。我的美国梦就要实现了!真的非常开心!
I was engaged in a multiple-offer bidding war and Dennis helped me to negotiate the best price possible. He is very experienced and effective negotiator. I ended up purchasing for the asking price, which was tens of thousands of dollars less than the competing offers. My transaction through Highland Premiere went extremely smoothly and completed on time. Dennis was so communicative throughout the entire process and especially informative & helpful. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new home!
最初我的妈妈在洛杉矶时和 Vivian 相识, 然后我通过 skype 和她认识。在初三的时候,我申请了 6 所美国私立高中。这虽然是一个复杂而又陌生的过程,但是 Vivian 在其中帮助我修改申请文书,也教会了我很多适应美国高中生活的技巧。现在我在美国一所顶尖私立高中读书,在学校感恩节放假期间,Vivian 还邀请我在她家里住。她带我吃到了美国最好的中餐,也带我结识了很多她的朋友,开阔了我的眼界。我非常的感激 Vivian,她像一位姐姐一样帮助我,关心我。是她,使我的人生变得更加温暖。
Vivian was well educated about the market and the properties. She was very trustworthy and a tough negotiator and I really felt like she was always looking out for my best interest. I am a full time apartment real estate investor and have bought several houses through Vivian. I deal with a lot of agents because of my work. And I found it very hard to find an agent to work with for purchasing residential property. Most are very unprofessional and lose interest quickly. Because of the level of trust I had with Vivian as an agent I was able to buy two great properties in a very tough market.
부동산뿐만 아니라 어떤 분야에서든, 비비안처럼 고객의 편에 서서 진심을 다해 일해주는 사람을 만나는 것은 행운이라고 밖에 말할 수 없을 것 같습니다. 우리는 첫 거래 후에 고객과 에이전트가 아닌 친구가 되었습니다. 지금까지 비비안은 저의 비지니스에 아주 유용한 조언을 아끼지 않는 믿을 만한 조력자가 되어주고 있습니다.
Vivian’s friendliness and enthusiasm were the initial reasons we wanted to work with her, but her comprehensive understanding of the housing market both on a macro level as well as in our local neighborhood allowed us to proceed with confidence as simultaneous buyers and sellers.

She never lost sight of our personal timeline and was excellent at factoring that into the fluctuations of the market to maximize our value on both transactional ends. She’s detail-oriented and was extremely attentive to our specific priorities. Her confidence in offering advice, recognizing value, and managing our concerns made for an extremely stress-free home-shopping experience.
Highland Premiere handled the sale of my property with utmost care and professionalism. They delivered what they promised, which was to bring me the best offer for my property. Vivian and Dennis completely exceeded my expectations, selling my property well above asking price within one week. I know that Highland Premiere had my best interest in mind throughout the selling process. Vivian and Dennis’ established reputation within the Asian community and strong network also allowed the sale of my property to be private, which was a primary goal of mine. I would strongly recommend this real estate firm to any of my friends and family members.
Miss Yoon, 먼저 우리 Family를 위해서 수고해 주셔서 감사드립니다. 특히 아이들 학교를 결정하는데 주신 어드바이즈는 역시 Pro 입니다. Vivian씨의 전문성과 신뢰성을 높이 칭찬드립니다. 멋진 “sweet home” 을 찿아주셔서 정말 감사드려요. 현 부동산 마켓에 대한 정보와 저희가 원하는 서비스를 친절하게 제공해 주시고 늘 연락 주셔서 결정하는데 큰 도움이 되어주었습니다. 우리식구 모두 해피합니디. 제 주위 친구들에게도 강추해 드리겠습니다. 아무쪼록 크게 번창하시고 한번 꼭 놀러 오세요. 고맙습니다!!
Vivian Yoon 帮我们买了我们在美国第一套房子,地理位置很好, 有前后院,我们非常的满意,也终于圆了我们有个 house 的梦想。 她了解到我们以后有可能会送孩子来洛杉矶读书, 就主动帮我们联系了比佛利山庄最好的公立小学。 由于她跟小学校长和里面的老师都很熟悉, 孩子入学的时候非常的顺利。如果不是她的帮忙, 孩子一定非常难进入这所学校。真的非常感谢 Vivian 的热情帮助,也希望更多家庭能够通过她的帮助,实现美国梦。
初识Vivian,是在2013年9月,当时几个北京地产圈做豪宅营销的朋友,准备在美国自驾,从西海岸到东海岸考察房产,计划中首选第一站就是传说中大名鼎鼎的比弗利山庄,幸运的是,来酒店接我们考察的是Vivian。由于我们在国内从事的职业就是地产营销,主要目的是了解美国地产市场,因此,问Vivian的问题,就不仅仅是一个买家所关心的问题,从美国到洛杉矶的房产市场走势,境外投资者的购房流程,购买后的管理服务等等,Vivian在陪伴我们的三天中,带我们看了很多热点区域、各种类型的房子,还耐心为我们讲解了在美国买房的种种细节。她对待客户的真诚、专业,给我们每个人留下了深刻的印象。 我们从聊房子,也聊到了教育,当时我的儿子正在准备申请美国高中,令我惊喜的是,Vivian对教育也很熟悉,曾经帮助过很多孩子申请过大学;真没想到的是,这一次和Vivian 在教育方面的探讨,让我们一家和她有了不解之缘。在儿子的申请过程中,她在文书、面试方面给儿子做了很多有益的指导;儿子在美国上高中的过程中,她给出了很多非常好的建议,最感动的是,儿子与她们一家共同度过感恩节、暑假;她为儿子的未来提供建议,根据儿子的兴趣提供参与社会实践的机会…… 如今2年过去了,我们已经从客户变成了非常好的朋友,她的帮助,让我们一家感谢不尽!看到Vivian一直在梦想中前行,她的公司,也不断壮大,我想说:祝福你,forever!
Vivian Yoon 帮我们买了我们在美国第一套房子,地理位置很好, 有前后院,我们非常的满意,也终于圆了我们有个 house 的梦想。 她了解到我们以后有可能会送孩子来洛杉矶读书, 就主动帮我们联系了比佛利山庄最好的公立小学。由于她跟小学校长和里面的老师都很熟悉, 孩子入学的时候非常的顺利。如果不是她的帮忙,孩子一定非常难进入这所学校。真的非常感谢 Vivian 的热情帮助,也希望更多家庭能够通过她的帮助,实现美国梦。
부동산뿐만 아니라 어떤 분야에서든, 비비안처럼 고객의 편에 서서 진심을 다해 일해주는 사람을 만나는 것은 행운이라고 밖에 말할 수 없을 것 같습니다. 우리는 첫 거래 후에 고객과 에이전트가 아닌 친구가 되었습니다. 지금까지 비비안은 저의 비지니스에 아주 유용한 조언을 아끼지 않는 믿을 만한 조력자가 되어주고 있습니다.

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